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30 Apr 2009

World's Greatest Cartoons

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If we talk about cartoons, we are enjoy also viewing it. They say cartoons are for kids only. But you're wrong there because cartoons are for general patronage also. It can be watch by all age as long as they want to watch it. But mostly children are fun of viewing it. But nowadays, cartoons are fun viewing by adults also mostly teenage and young adults. Because of the new image and new technology that brought cartoons change into dimensional Anime' series.

Anime' is a short term for animation. Anime' is a new name of cartoon series. This is pertain to the world of cartoons and animation. It belongs also the special effects and graphical technology which brought the animation scenes into higher dimension such as 3D series. For world's greatest cartoons, these are the cartoons that popularized for over decades. A cartoon series that really embrace by lot of cartoon viewers all over the world. Some of these cartoon series are still exist for more than 5 decades. I called it greatest cartoons because they are still exist in this present time despite of their age already in world of cartoons. Most of them was aired during 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. But still competitively ranging an acceptance or still patronage of some people globally. Despite of modern animation, classic cartoons are still "IN" for its characters and genre.

Here are some list of Worlds Greatest Cartoons: He-Man, Batman Beyond, Thundercats, Rainbow Brite, The Incredible Hulk, The Transformers, She-Ra Princess of Power, Gummi Bears, DuckTales, The Simpsons, Jem, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, Bionic Six, Darkwing Duck, Duckman, Gargoyles, Chip 'N Dale, Battle Of The Planets, G.I. Joe, Looney Tunes, Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling, Jackson 5ive, The Best Of The Muppet Babies, Richie Rich, Beavis and Butt-Head, Voltron the Defender of The universe, Heathcliff, Inspector Gadget, The Snorks, Aquaman, Silver Hawks, Reboot, M.A.S.K, Dinosaurs, Dungeons and Dragons, Teen Titans, X-Men Cartoon, Captain America, The Tick, Underdog, Quack Pack, Jackie Chan Adventures, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Iron Man, Super Friends, Archies Weird Mysteries, Static Shock, The Little Mermaid, Josie and the pussycats in Outer Space, The Beatles, Johnny Bravo, Ewoks, The Fantastic Four, The Woody Woodpecker Show, Ed Edd n Eddy, The Real Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Garbage Pail Kids, Aladdin, Pac-man, Goof Troop, Life with Louie, The Tex Avery Show, Popeye, Lilo and Stitch, Mighty Max, Silver Surfer, The Avengers, Speed Racer, Chilly Willy, Captain N, Dick Tracy, and Dexter's Laboratory.

These are the worlds greatest cartoons that still in the taste of all cartoon fanatics.For me, in all creation of cartoon series or any anime' series or movies, I still find anyone of the cartoons series here in my list. They are unique and one of kind cartoon series. They have the plot and story which really enjoy by the viewer. And they have the glamorous and heroic characters that really love by children. A total enjoyment and fully satisfaction of having fun viewing these cartoon series.

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World's First Web Server

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The World's First Web ServerImage by sbisson via Flickr

First Web Server in the World: you may watch the video below:

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World's First Public Passenger Flight

What is your first experience in your flight trip if any?

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World's First Public Passenger Flight (Marker ...Image by cliff1066 via Flickr

Image by cliff1066 via Flickr


World's First Public Passenger Flight C-2 On September 9, 1908, near this site, Orville Wright carried aloft in public his first passenger, Lt. Frank P. Lahm, for a flight lasting 6 minutes and 24 seconds. Three days later, he took Major George O. Squier on a flight of 9 minutes and 6 seconds duration. From this primitive beginning has evolved an air transportation system that today spans the globe. ~Arlington


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27 Apr 2009

First World's Postage Stamp

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Are you a passionate about collecting stamps?

I would believe so that if you're a collector of stamps, this would be the very first you would like to have in hand before all the rest of beatiful stamps out there! I saw many people on the TV show who are really passionate about their collection stuffs. They could really buy even the most expensive antiques in the world if possible to add on their particular collections. Yes, they are pretty gorgeous treasure! I am wondering if how many collectors out there in the world who has this "Penny Black" stamp? It would be great to hear your comments. Why do you like collecting stamps and do you pass it on to your next generations?

The first adhesive postage stamp that originated from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was used on May 1st 1840. This Penny Black stamp is not rare but due to its significance, the demand by collectors is more costly than it was. Its estimated value is £3-4000 (mint). The location is in London, UK.

The original sketch of the Penny Black was made in 1839 by Rowland Hill (Alberto Bolaffi, Indepex 97). Find the image on this link


Article about Penny Black Posted by Scott Bailey

In the 1830's, mail in the United Kingdom of England and Ireland was paid for by the recipient of the mail. The amount charged for postal delivery was based upon the weight of the item as well as how far it had to travel. Most of the working population could not afford to receive mail from a distance and many just would not accept the delivery. With the proliferation of railways throughout the United Kingdom to support the growing factories during the Industrial Revolution, businesses and government realized that the debt-ridden postal system needed to be reformed.

In 1837 a schoolteacher named Rowland Hill proposed a prepayment system utilizing one cent stamps on postage. in 1839, the British Treasury announced a competition to design the first stamp. None of the submissions were considered acceptable and a portrait of Queen Victoria was chosen instead. The Penny Black was this first, adhesive, postage stamp. The Penny Black has a simple black background with a profile of Queen Victoria in the center, the words "POSTAGE" and "ONE PENNY" along the top and bottom, respectively. The Penny Black was used for just over one year. The postage cancellation mark was in red ink, which was hard to see on the black stamp and also was easy to remove.

The Penny Red replaced the Penny Black in 1841 (utilizing black ink cancellation marks). Since over 68 million Penny Blacks were printed, many have survived and it is not a particularly rare stamp. As with all stamps, however, condition and whether or not it was ever used, determine a stamp's value on the collectors' market. A used Penny Black in poor condition can be found for under 10 Pounds (or 20 Dollars), sometimes significantly less. Just remember that whatever the quality of that Penny Black you own, you are holding an important piece of history that is much more that just another postage stamp.

Whether a beginner looking to start a collection, or a seasoned veteran looking to add a Penny Black to your collection, visit for a wide variety of stamps of the United Kingdom.

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Happy collecting your stamps!

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