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31 Jan 2013

World's First Online Financial Service Lending Using Social Media

As the saying goes "the old media and old institution are hardly catching up in the digital age and when they tried they're still digitally using it the old institutional way and hard to adapt out of their status quo."

Watch this Lenddo business service, they will flourish...!

Entrepreneurs Jeff Stewart and Richard Eldridge founded the Lenddo idea in 2011 to cater the emerging middle class that are left behind when it comes to helping small man finance their personal or business needs, which big banks don't want to risk lending the generation gaps.

Using Social Media social network like your own Facebook, Twitter, etc. you are able to access this kind of service especially for the middle class as it has brilliantly observed and targeted.

Lenddo said, "Lenddo's community members can use their reputation on social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Yahoo! to obtain life-improving loans, to use for education, healthcare, home improvement or a small business. Lenddo has offices in Manila (Philippines), Bogotá (Colombia) and New York City (USA).

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24 Jan 2013

Future of Technology Infographic

The future of technology infographic. What's your prediction?
 Infographic: The Future of Technology Source:,2817,2414720,00.asp

23 Jan 2013

101 Do What You Love Infographic

Do What You Love and you will be hired next on who created this infographic... :)