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4 Feb 2009

Your First and Last Coffin Solarium Tan

WARNING! IF YOU ARE really (really) READY TO DIE THEN JUST THINK IT WISELY WHY THE SOLARIUM TAN IS SIMILAR DESIGN WITH A DEAD PERSON'S COFFIN! The solarium coffin proves itself as death whenever someone died even if it's not their time yet! My first experience to see how Solarium Tan bed looks like are here in Australia. It's not a joke because they're ridiculously everywhere at the time I am posting this! It's unbelievable and so heartbreaking kind of marketing product! Do you think there is or will be a natural way of tanning? We already live in a toxic world but this solarium tan is big enough to swallow you and think about it more than million times!

Whenever I see a Solarium Tan Bed display in the marketplace...IT IS LIKE SAYING TO ME WELCOME TO YOUR DEATH BED! Although I never had the desire for it! Sadly, in the Philippines or other parts of Asia, it's the opposite kind of marketing. They sell "WHITENING LOTIONS" if you check the ingredients (this is another issue again), I doubt it if they are all natural ingredients for your body! I have used few of them because most lotions has whitening agent. I was not aware of organic certified products that time though. I have personal testimonies why I vote 100% for natural or certified organic products if you think I'm preaching this without experience of unhealthy condition.

R.I.P. to the 26 yr old Clare Oliver, who just died last year in Australia. After her death from the deadly tan, the state of Victoria is the first state to regulate the solarium industry! At the end of the day, Solarium is one way of marketing and every person has the WISE CHOICE and GREAT WILL what kind of product we use or put in our body!

Please don't be a nincompoop that Solarium is healthy product until your last minute on earth! You deserve to LIVE to the fullest and use your creativity instead! Must be grateful that somebody out there or here cares about your life even if we don't know you. Truth hurts.

Help: Clare Oliver Melanoma Project Research

Here's a video if you haven't watch or want to recall it:

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