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3 Apr 2017

Web Designing Trends in 2017 Infographics

Web designing trends in 2017

Every web designers will often have someone they can work with together to meet their clients likes and dislikes. It is up to the designer and developer to come up with a great team of brilliance. They should be able to market with a great package options in a user-friendly way and affordable!

2 Apr 2017

5 Web Designing Trends 2016 Infographic

Web designing trends in 2016 infographic via CIIT

Whether we follow the trend or not, please do not let your website a black colour theme with a dark font colours disaster. I meant it because I've seen them! I would hate to hear if those websites are innocently charged expensively! I'd say following the trend can be a great guide! I think the most important thing is, make fonts and colours balance readable above all because there is no invention of a brilliant VR eye glass to adjust our eyes colour preferences automatically while soaking on our gadgets 24/7!

1 Apr 2017

12 Trends in Mobile Learning Infographic

Trends in Mobile Learning Infographic
via OriginLearning

Time travel in 2015 infographic the Mobile Learning trends are always innovating and upgrading every year if not every second! The approach to learning is diversity than ever before the cyber space. The knowledge is increasing as we stuck our eyeballs on every gadget screens where we read, watch, comment and criticize online.