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24 Jun 2010

World's Venomous Snake in Australia

"Inland Taipan" (also known as the Fierce Snake, Oxyuranus microlepidotus)

Picture: travlinman43 / flickr

Did You Know? 
Although the fierce snake is the most toxic snake in the world with venom more potent than any other species by a large margin. There have never been any human fatalities caused by this species. Several bites have been recorded and successfully treated by taipan antivenom which is produced and manufactured by the Australian Reptile Park and the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in Melbourne
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8 Jun 2010

How To Make Your First Cardboard Chair Like These Ones?

Best Cardboard Chair in the World
I stumbled this on Instructables site on this link World's Best Cardboard Chair
Great project or past-time for engineering or architecture students or anyone interested to reuse, recycle or upcycle cardboard before it becomes a rubbish.

Here's another one from the same site a Cardboard Cantilever Chair. 
For sure, they may not be the first in the world or first prototype one but they are great looking models anyway.


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