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24 Oct 2017

Design Trends 2017 Continues

Design Trends 2017 Vol 3 by

2017 creatively moves quicker than ever before with tweaks and colours when it comes to digital designing. Digital designs in all sorts of artworks are broader to choose from especially in the internet marketing world. Take a look at what other designer's perspective is coming up with the trend if it is any better and readable for a start!

The truth is, without users demand no designers!

The ironic part about is the most in demand website could not afford to update their digital website design, if only we come to the point to use the sharing economy system; we would have a balance of monetising each other's expertise. I'm not talking about devaluing, but I'm referring to those designers who would pitch their designs but too dare to keep up payments with them. Think of our nomadic past history they barter each other's expertise; there's nothing stopping for the digital nomads to barter each other in a sustainable reasonable way.

It would make it multi-cultured digital nomad design multi-coloured trend!

"Colours" or "colours" (well my PC defaulted to British English so auto use English English, not American English) are often on top of the lists with millions of colour shades to choose from why would a designer stick to the standard trend?

1. Card/Title Based Design
2. Bold Topography
3. Experimental and Throwback Colours
4. Thin Icons

5. Neon Gradients
6. Retro Pastels
7. Bold Shapes
8. Renewed Emphasis on Originality

3 Apr 2017

Web Designing Trends in 2017 Infographics

Web designing trends in 2017

Every web designers will often have someone they can work with together to meet their clients likes and dislikes. It is up to the designer and developer to come up with a great team of brilliance. They should be able to market with a great package options in a user-friendly way and affordable!

2 Apr 2017

5 Web Designing Trends 2016 Infographic

Web designing trends in 2016 infographic via CIIT

Whether we follow the trend or not, please do not let your website a black colour theme with a dark font colours disaster. I meant it because I've seen them! I would hate to hear if those websites are innocently charged expensively! I'd say following the trend can be a great guide! I think the most important thing is, make fonts and colours balance readable above all because there is no invention of a brilliant VR eye glass to adjust our eyes colour preferences automatically while soaking on our gadgets 24/7!

1 Apr 2017

12 Trends in Mobile Learning Infographic

Trends in Mobile Learning Infographic
via OriginLearning

Time travel in 2015 infographic the Mobile Learning trends are always innovating and upgrading every year if not every second! The approach to learning is diversity than ever before the cyber space. The knowledge is increasing as we stuck our eyeballs on every gadget screens where we read, watch, comment and criticize online.

1 Mar 2017

Housing First Awareness Infographic

Housing First Awareness Infographic via Upstream

We live in a world that homeless are increasing every day even in the western world! Some if not many political leaders are blinded in so many ways that we lack to pray for them than just keep nagging and criticising their political agenda. The monopoly game of each town became apparent if there are homeless out there begging for food and money each day. Who got the guts to resolve such homelessness?

1 Feb 2017

17 Tools for Teachers in 2017 Infographic

Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

The 17 Challenges for Teachers in 2017 Infographic was created to help teachers and other educators try new things, experience new and advancing technology that could impact the classroom now or in the near future.
  1. Google Expeditions: With Google Expeditions out of Beta, and Google developing more and more expeditions for the classrooms, expect to see the use of this fantastic application to explode in 2017. Google Expeditions is a unique initiative from Google designed to bring educational virtual reality experiences into the K12 classrooms.
  2. Google Daydream Viewer Virtual Reality: Daydream VR is Google’s latest headset that debuted with the long-awaited Google Pixel phone. Along with the physical headset, Google is developing and working with third party developers to create interactive apps, games, tours and more that are compatible with Daydream.
  3. Listen to the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast! The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast is a weekly podcast designed to give teachers practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools that you can use in your class tomorrow. We will offer our favorite Google tips and tricks, important updates, and effective strategies for K-12 teachers.
  4. The NEW Google Sites: The new Google Sites is now available from just about any Google account, and it is a must-try. They have given the old workhorse a BIG overhaul and it is slick!
  5. Get Google Certified! Becoming a Google Certified Educator, Trainer, Administrator, or Innovator is a great goal for 2017!
  6. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence has arrived in our mainstream world. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, internet of things, and machine learning, all of our “stuff,” is now becoming smart and connected, and in some cases can follow commands.
  7. Program a Robot: So not only is AI becoming mainstream, but we have some pretty cool robots available for our classrooms. Robotics offer a lot of learning opportunities for students at every level, and it will help them understand the basics of coding all the way to advanced programming and robotics.
  8. The Google Transformation Center: The newly announced Google Transformation Center was designed to promote school change, including a framework for school leaders, resources, and more.
  9. Augmented Reality: Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. It’s a virtual layer on top of reality, usually making use of the camera on a mobile device. Yes, both virtual reality and augmented reality top this year’s list and with good reason. This will be the year that we really begin to see both gaining mainstream traction, and more classroom applications available.
  10. Inbox by Gmail: Inbox is not new, but it is newly available with G Suite for Education accounts! Inbox automatically bundles related email categories, gives you the option to “snooze,” an email to a later time or date, and includes reminders.
  11. Google Cast for Education (Chrome App): Cast for Education, a Chrome App, “allows you to turn your computer into a wireless projector for screen sharing from another device. Just install the app, give your device a name, and invite your students to cast.”
  12. Create an eBook with Google Slides: Google Slides is one of the most flexible learning tools in G Suite. Google Slides allows you to manipulate and edit images in ways that you cannot in Google Docs. Consider having students create a collaborate ebook this year! Or if you are so inclined, create your own ebook!
  13. #GoOpen with Amazon: There is a new Open Educational Resource platform from Amazon Education, where you can search for K-12 resources that are tagged by subject area, grade level, and standard.
  14. Google Keep: Google Keep is Google’s note-taking service. Since it’s debut, Google Keep has received some really awesome updates and features and is becoming a mainstay for Google users, including reminders that integrate with Google Now, sharing notes and lists, adding images and photos, voice memos and more. Grab the Google Keep Chrome extension , and the iOS or Android mobile app to make things even easier! Use Google Keep to organize your 2017 goals, notes, reminders, and more!
  15. Google Classroom Integrations: Explore the ever-expanding list of third-party apps that integrate with Google Classroom!
  16. Join the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group! Looking to connect and learn with like-minded educators? Join the Shake Up Learning Facebook group to connect with Kasey Bell, engage more deeply with Shake Up Learning content, ask questions, share your own lessons and ideas, and expand your personal learning network!
  17. Use the Shake Up Learning Official Hashtag: #SUL: In 2017, Shake Up Learning is official launching it’s very own hashtag to help you learn and connect with other Shake Up Learning followers. Share how you are shaking things up in your classroom by using the official hashtag #SUL.

9 Jan 2017

50 Things About Dr Who Infographic

50 Things About Dr Who for fans worldwide and the whole universe!
by HorrorChannel

Shall I say, 50 facts about Dr Who. As a fan myself, Dr Who series are fully packed with symbolism and mysticism. It's one of the films a school teacher may use for literacy analysis and criticism. On the other hand, it is symbolic example to our real life with Biblical metaphorical perspectives and beliefs living on the planet earth and after life.

Many perspectives will come alive as you watch different episodes of Dr Who depending how deep your relationship with the real God Creator of the Universe and in depth study with His Living Word. You will also find the dark symbols of Satan in different episodes.

After all, DR WHO represents the battle between the good and evil.

For God sake, will Dr Who make it to heaven, one day? You never know, he saves many souls on planet earth! He will be God's number one list to receive heavenly reward! Whose regeneration, it will be? IT'S OUR GENERATION, ourselves for those who BELIEVE!

  1. More than 50 years old TV series - with the advance technology we have in the world, Dr Who remains as one of the geeky candidate films of all time!
  2. DR WHO?'s name still mystery from regeneration to regeneration
  3. DR WHO SONIC SCREWDRIVER secret - have you got one yet at Christmas? It comes in handy, one day.
  4. CELERY LAPEL - hmm, something about the "ry or rey" sounds from Gallifrey to Celery maybe :-)
  6. GALLIFREY - the Dr Who's planet not the Little Prince (I hope one day Dr Who will invite Rose as a companion and will visit the Little Prince planet and his rose.)
  7. DR WHO GOT TWO HEARTS - ONE RESPIRATORY BYPASS SYSTEM - INTERNAL BODY TEMPERATURE OF 15⁰C - 16⁰C! Happy heart-heart's day! (What a lucky creature!) - At one point, he used his other heart to have relationship with a real human lady on planet earth through the character Dr Who portrayed by David Tennant while he was bloody regenerating.
  8. Imaginary year 1888 - DR WHO GOT HIS DEGREE as revealed in the 1967 episode "The Moonbase" - I wonder if it had been a Supermoon event?
  9. Regeneration GENDER: MALE but there was mentioned female regenerated as Romana and The Rani - this is where the minority group of the homosexual runs their imagination... On that note, the Christmas Special Dr Who 2016 episode got one companion in the Tardis!
  10. The WHOMOBILE car mentioned but nameless... - it makes sense to use anything with WHO as a film director. Next thing, WhoDriverlessCar maybe?
  11. The WILDCARD regeneration...
  12. The POP STAR...not postcard regeneration
  13. The LONGEST regeneration...
  14. The BRIEFEST regeneration...
  15. The FIRST faulty mixing desk...
  16. The MONK...
  17. The STAGE NAMES...
  18. The IMPOSTER...
  19. The STAND-IN...
  20. The DANDY...
  21. 1963 The DALEKS first invasion...
  22. DAVROS the creator of the Dalek machine...
  23. Dalek's favourite command "EXTERMINATE"...
  24. DALEK and TARDIS officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary - hail to the English teachers! :-)
  25. TARDIS - acronym - TIME AND RELATIVE DIMENSION IN SPACE --- nope, Dalek is not an acronym but maybe we can create it as DARK ASTEROID LUCIFERIAN ESCAPE  KILLJOY
  26. THE TARDIS HAS MANY ROOMS like in HEAVEN HAS MANY MANSIONS except that it is also a universal dimension in spiritual faith where all the good people will become immortal from planet earth and will live forever after mortality? read on the infographic below
  27. The TARDIS format from the old British Police Box - that means every fan in world painted their house doors by the blue TARDIS are invaded by the British sense!
  28. How's the TARDIS sound produce? read in the infographic
  29. JFK'S assassination overrun old media news affected Dr Who's FIRST ever broadcast! 
  30. Dr Who's some characters was influenced by Sherlock Holmes in detective fashion
  31. Title of the 4th episode "The Red Nose Day" 1999
  32. Who composed the FAMOUS THEME MUSIC?
  33. Year 1965 episode - MISSION TO THE UNKNOWN
  34. SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE - the first episode in coloured TV 1970 - Goshh, some parts of the world do not have TV neither alone have coloured TV until the 1990s!
  35. The Pirate Planet and The City of Death written by who? read on the infographic
  36. TOM BAKER'S ICONIC SCARF knitted by accident missed instruction and yet able to use it! If by chance you want the scarf pattern, go to Pinterest and make one for yourself using all your wool yarns at home. I think knitting Dr Who's scarf is more iconic than the first not-so old Instagram logo!
  37. Dr Who meets Scratchman?
  38. 9 Missing Episodes from 1968 discovered in Nigeria 2013 TV station? Glad it's not one of the asteroids? - You guess Dr Who's limitation director and crews were doing?
  39. 4-part story of The Tomb of The Cybermen missing was discovered in Hong Kong 1991? - Does it gotta do with the legendary hero Jackie Chan stunt men?
  40. 97 episodes are still missing? The BBC blamed themselves by wiping their transmission in the 1970s and 1980s.
  41. Year 1978 - nearly lost the original pilot episode from a mislabeled film can. 
  42. Photo novels - pictures have been lost of but at least 17 episodes remained and recovered for DVD and VHS production. --- I guess, this is where Dr Who needs to go back in time and recover the missing parts of his story!
  43. The 6th Dr Who is fancy with a PIPE ORGAN and a WELSH DRESSER
  44. Extraordinary Companion of Dr Who - Susan Foreman
  45. Extraordinary Companion of Dr Who - Adric, the genius boy and only long-term companion to be killed off
  46. Who is Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart? read on the infographic
  47. GALLIFREY - the constellation of Kasterborous 
  48. KAMELION - a robot with psychic force who traveled with the 5th Dr Who
  49. LEELA - the 4th Dr Who's companion who got brown eyes turned her eyes into blue after watching a spaceship explosion ! Well, that's classic, it matches the Blue Box!
  50. 14-9 THE ROBOT DOG was capable of independent thought! Oh well, I can't wait for THE ROBOT CAT with multi-sensory independent characters of all time that will totally wipe out the Dalek's kingdom!
  51. Over 800 episodes adding up, how many did you watch yet? Dr Who new episode upcoming in April 2017! 

2 Jan 2017

Hyperloop Travel Transportation Is Coming Soon!

Hyperloop - 1000km/hr Ground Travel!
Youtube Video By ColdFusion

Anything new would be something worth experimenting! Many of us would ask many things before we jump on board into the Hyperloop.

  1. Are we ready for the take-off? 
  2. Does it feel claustrophobic? Just by imagination, I feel claustrophobic? But I may guess, you may get used to it. 
  3. Will it feel jet lag-gish? My first time on a ship was a battle of nausea until I elevated myself in a sitting position sleep than lying down. Regarding an aeroplane turbulence, I nearly pass out and jet-lagged terribly after take-off!
  4. What do you think?