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5 Dec 2016

Guitar Chords Theory Infographic

Guitar Chords Theory Infographic

How to learn guitar will depend on the first-hand theory you will bump into. There are different methods how to learn guitar by yourself for free before you may go for professional training. I self-taught to play the guitar since I was young through Christian Praise and Worship songs with guitar chords and I just followed a guitar chord chart back then. Before you learn, here's a bit theory you may understand and apply. Remember, practice at all times depending on your passion for playing the guitar for a hobby or profession. It's up to you.

Bottom line: Learning and playing any instruments are perfect for our brain (memory) exercise, according to the neuroscientists' study. Learn while you can!

26 Nov 2016

History of Data Storage Infographic

History of Data Storage Infographic or Evolution of Data Storage
via WebPageFX

"From punch cards to holograms"  - From gadgets to paperless!

We are indeed heading towards paperless libraries! Many of us who got data storage would have experienced the pain of digital storage that sometimes can shut down and never recovered again. The pain of having to delete some of your data to free space your PC will be a history soon for others. For some would be boxes of CDs, USBs, etc. and wondered when will you ever watch those stuffs or use those data effectively as you store them. The evolution of data storage info below critically present the data within the data.

How many bytes do you think you needed in your lifetime is a question we may ask every day each time we upload our data in our PC or online? It's a staggering amount of data equivalent how we can pile every second around the world whether it be a digital storage or cloud storage to a hologram.

25 Nov 2016

History of Classroom Technology Infographic

History of Classroom Technology Infographic

Educational tools are becoming more available to us than ever before! Some of us or some countries still taking it slow to move forward from the old school system education to the newest collaborative social greater dimension level education. The classroom technology had come a long way.

If the Western countries still struggle to see the relevance of moving away from the classroom setting to a Finland education way, how much more with the developing countries still copying the old format education of the western way. Since the history of Classroom Technology Tools was invented, virtual apps are created every day to make education learning quicker and adaptable to our today's digital technology lifestyle and beyond. We are running behind although history tells us so if our old educational system lacks the vision to move forward where our future technology is heading.

Can you imagine when everything goes paperless? No pens and papers lying around? No more newspapers? Everything will be a touch screen on either through our smart TV, smart mobile, smart tablets, etc. The disruption technology is here to challenge those who are willing and ready like in Noah's time before the flood.

3 Oct 2016

The History of GPS Infographic

The History of GPS infographic

As indicated in the infographic below, the Smoke Signals were used in ancient times to give signals to one another. I'm pretty sure for the developing countries after the Gen X, and Y were born they would have at least experience some of the Smoke Signals in the remote places when someone invites you to a big festival or a community party. "Where there's smoke, there's food." Even to these days when you're out of mobile signals and stranded on an island, Smoke Signals are pretty much capable. On the other hand, we know that some people are gifted as great navigators by using their compass and travelled around the globe to conquer and claimed history of humanity.

For all the right reasons, smart technology is here where each smart mobile phones can turn on their location, and you're ready to go!

What's next after this history revealed in our present generation? What will be the Millenials generation and beyond can bring about after smart phones and apps?

3 Sep 2016

Australia Survivor 2016 Recap

Australia Survivor 2016 Recap

The ironical meaning of the Australian Survivor tribes names indicating secret names translated from the Philippines language. This recap is not your typical long paragraphs of the fairdinkum Aussie writing version. It came to my attention why Aganoa tribe kept being voted nearly three times and the first tribe voted out from the Tribal Council. I was kinda repeating Aganoa sounds familiar if you speak it in Tagalog (Philippines National language) until I reviewed twitters feed #SurvivorAu. Sure enough, I found similar thoughts and spot on his tweet in the Tagalog language, so I tweeted him back @jlhabitan

Here is it, I decided to translate-typographic it for you and why Aganoa voted first and maybe the first tribe to disperse from planet Samoa island. Aganoa may be the earliest to vote in the Tribal Council, but they are the earliest to find the Immunity Idol. Who knows what unexpected twists lie ahead of the Australian Survivor compared to the American Survivor version? The fans of American Survivor versions reckon the Australian Survivor 2016 pulled it off better with their EARLY twists through the SAANAPU tribe and VAVAU tribe lost from the tribal challenge game resulted to two tribes to vote in the Tribal Council. Tribal Council twisted their votes and swapped each castaway voted off from each tribe then bring one castaway from their tribe with them.

SAANAPU or WHERE IS IT tribe looking at each other's eyeballs rolling wide while VAVAU or ON TOP/HOW CHEAP tribe is looking on top of each other's shoulders what is going on with all the political swapping in Australia, apparently, Hamish the Aussie comedian pointed out from his Twitter feed.

The SAANAPU or WHERE IS IT tribe will continue to find the Immunity Idol and be saying "WHERE IS IT?" The VAVAU or ON TOP/HOW CHEAP will continue to outplay ON TOP of each other as usual. The AGANOA or YOU'RE EARLY tribe will they continue to win an upcoming set of games before they become the EARLY tribe to be broken.

Australia Survivor Tribes 2016:
AGANOA - "Aga N'yo Ah" or "Aga Mo Ah" - meaning "YOU'RE EARLY" tribe
SAANAPU - "Saan Na Po" - meaning "WHERE IS IT" tribe
VAVAU - "Babaw" - meaning "ON TOP" or "HOW CHEAP" tribe

31 Aug 2016

40 Lists How To Start a Fire

How to make fire without flint but even with a flint? I meant how to make a fire in Survivor TV show that film dumb applicants "how not to make fire using a flint"?

Inspired or shocked through the castaways of Survivor Australia 2016 who entered the TV reality show and does not know how to make fire after their flint was worn out. One of the tribes had no fire for five days; they sighed at the Tribal Council. Watching the first and second episode, most of them mentioned they loved and watched Survivor America but when they entered the survivor camp; they missed to apply the major key of life - the "bloody" fire! Metaphorically speaking the winner of Survivor Australia 2016 never knew how to make fire! The most awkward scene when Kristie Bennet was trying to make a fire in the middle of the night when the last four game players were supposed to be sleeping.

Here are smart ways of similar methods from different sources listed for you. Some can be repeated, but the presentation from different bloggers can suit to your style of surviving plans.

WARNING: This is for survival purposes not playing with fire!

Bow and Drill. How to make fire without matches (materials are hardwood (socket), drill or spindle wood, bow curved stick, cord or leather thong, fire board (softwood), gathered dead grass/dried barks, paper and your human hands of course) via

11 Ways to Start a Fire via Pioneer Settler

9 Ways to Start a Fire via ArtOfManliness

10 Ways to Start a Fire Without Lighter via GrayWolfSurvival

10 Ways Primitive to Start a Fire via PeakProsperity collected video lists!

29 Jul 2016

History of Spice Infographic

History of Spice Infographic
Created by

Who would not like flavours in their food, even a baby started to fuss when that flavours sinking in their brain collection :-)

The infographic can give us a thorough origin of the spices around the world unless someone done more deeper research on it. Spices was no doubt our nomad ancestors travel for from one country to another by foot or by any means of transportation. The trading of different valuable items or goods to another including spices in the past would have been trailblazing experience especially when searching for that hot chili babies!

We do hope, we get the best spice before GMO take over the original taste of everything ruining the spice of origin of our natural mother earth has provided by our great Almighty Creator God of all seeds great and small!

What are your favourite spices?

Enjoy your spices out there!

28 Jul 2016

Photographic Camera History Infographic

Photographic Camera History Infographic
Via Behance
Created By ©2014 Retrofuturismo-kitsch

For camera collectors of vintage and modern, which one are you keeping yet to these days? If I would have the space and money to waste for collection, it would be cameras! :-)  Infographic below is such a great example of how it would time travel us back when were not yet existed in our mother's womb. Digital cameras come very handy these days than using those negative rolls after rolls very delicately. I got the personal enthusiast when my father always had one. As soon as he asked what gift he would buy me when I was in high school, I just said camera and bought me one that I did treasure. I wished I would have kept it, I forgot how it was misplaced being a nomad transferring from one place to another.

Here's my short story out of this history: I hate to remember one when I dropped a roll of negative after using my dad's camera during my brother graduation in high school. I was so devastated for him and our family! Nothing left that was not unexposed at least! No memories during his magna cum laude's ceremony! What's your experience from your old camera, I wonder?

Click to enlarge the image:

1 Jul 2016

CPR History 101 Infographic

CPR History 101 Infographic

Written history of CPR was way back in 1767 a first society formed in Amsterdam due to drowning victims in Amsterdam's canals in the 18th century as the infographics below sum up.

These days, we are very fortunate to be able to get even one day course certificate in First Aid training in Australia when hubby and I decided to get the course together in our early marriage. It was fun activity with others who came for refreshing course and you can use your spouse or a dummy for practicing the CPR steps. In Australia, if your certificate already expired you can go back anytime and get refreshed course and even online now available.

Yes, CPR is very important to learn even if we do not have medical background as long as you are interested to do it or it comes in handy in case of emergency. Learn the technique right and do it right.

1 Jun 2016

Distance Education History Infographic

Distance Education History Infographic
By   and

Some of us in the world would have experienced distance learning or correspondence through snail mails before electronic and internet boosted the distance closer than what we can imagine before as history of e-learning unfolds. I must admit myself, I did enjoy learning by snail mails in the past by local and international correspondence when I was in the Philippines. How much more opportunity right here right now as you and I are facing our PC, notebook, tablet or mobile gadgets, etc. to access what we can grab hold into and not waste time playing games :-)

The History from the Infographic indicates "The world's first distance learning course is established in Boston, with lessons sent by mail in 1728! Followed by Great Britain teaching Shorthand course by correspondence in 1840, and the rest of the timeline below."

Whether you look at the history timeline from the infographic or search online, we have many online courses available and even for free and be a part of the history! Why not, take the course you like or love? What website you are using for learning online? Why not share it with us?

1 May 2016

Raw Chocolate History 101 Infographic

Raw Chocolate History 101 Infographic

Most of us love chocolates, but if you genuinely love chocolate you would be at least love where it comes from! The Cacao fruits are grown in some parts of the world including Philippines. I grew up in the Philippines and when visiting our grandparents and dad's siblings place, they usually have Cacao fruits to give us or our grandma would make us yummy raw chocolate from the Cacao seeds! Nothing beats the raw chocolate than the adulterated chocolate these days except if you find one with better ingredients out there, which thankfully there are and organic!

According to the infographic, "Monkeys discovered the Cacao tree fruits while ancient civilizations found its power, created their own chocolate god and worshiped it!" Most paganism beliefs worship any object that brings them luck or something good or great to them anyway :-)

We do hope, like the production of fair trade coffee and sustainability that they encouraged so with the production of raw Cacao or raw chocolates around the world's origin of planting and production.

Click the infographic to make it larger and easy read :-)

7 Apr 2016

World's First Flying Cars Are Finally Here

World's First Flying Cars Are Finally Here!

What are the pros and cons of flying object technology? I leave that to you. :-)

While taxi driving monopoly and Uber innovation are currently fighting, flying cars are more excited to ride on than ever! Imagine a solar powered highways for wingless earth transportations or universal solar powered flying cars at the same time! Flying cars are finally launched not only in movies.

Excited or afraid of the changes what technology and innovations could create and re-create from the minds of great imaginations and visionaries of this world! Flying cars are already here as much as driverless cars licensed into the market place. I would say, integrating or synchronizing the mechanics of driverless cars into flying cars would be ideal for a lot of safety reasons.

Flying cars are finally here, whether we like it or not. There would be a lot of Indian descent driving for delivery pizzas, taxis, Uber and etc. to your windows or balconies. I mentioned Indians because I often see them as taxi drivers in Australia.

We do not need to re-construct roads after natural disasters or re-build flying highways in metro cities due to traffic congestions. The sky is the limit to go from A to Z with flying cars, flying planes, or anything flying transportation under the sun!

Travelling would be limitless while we can also choose to rest from one space floating motels or hotels to another when we wanted to.

Let us examine these flying cars, shall we?

  • Flying police cars would be number one to do those chasing honers from the earth surface! Yep, the universe is limitless when the cops finally see you over speeding. Would it be great and chaotic? Will the police trafficking laws be in control or not at all? Will the subterranean aliens technology flying UFO's finally can join the fun with the humans or hybrid humans? I guess if all the flying cars are solar powered, you can only fly where the sun is or even better than that!


  • We don't need to travel to Asian countries to buy exotic fruits like those in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc. as their floating boats will fly to us!


  • Exactly! We don't need roads anymore! We do not need to put up with politicians talk and promises that will never deliver their building road projects stimulated by tax payers money! 


  • Here we go, the world's first real flying car have launched by Terrafugia! For those rich people who can buy  and play their toys how they want. For those dreamers that may come true!

4 Apr 2016

Tea Beverage Choice Infographic

Tea Beverage Choice Infographic
by ATechTeaCreation via @steventrotter

Teas these days flooded the market with so many choices but are they great and healthy enough for us consumers? Are these ethically grown and packaged? Are they organically grown? Are they GMO or genetically modified organism?  Are they nutritious enough?

If you have drunk a real green tea or black tea, you would know which one is fake!

3 Apr 2016

History of eLearning Infographic

History of eLearning Infographic
by Roberta Gogos @rgogos

In 1924, the first testing machine was invented.

Our today's world, eLearning is part of our lifestyle across the globe with the click of smart phones.

1 Apr 2016

World's First Autonomous Pizza Delivery Vehicle

World's First autonomous pizza delivery vehicle by Domino's Pizza in Australia!

If we are thinking driverless cars are getting in the way, the robots are on their way to the market and deliver your food too! If drones are driving crazy out there, it won't take long we gonna have flying cars over our house roof tops!

Question is, are we all ready? By the solar power invested in the market, the universe is the limit when it comes to creating and utilizing solar power off the grid and on the grid nearly using electricity for free instead of over commercialism and capitalism power.

1 Mar 2016

History of Typography Infographic

History of Typography Infographic
by Rachel Bonness – Her Twitter (@raychno21)

If you love or like Typography, you would love to know read in one page where it has originated even our ancestors has their own typographic on rocks, trunks of trees, on the leaves before civilization of using paper was invented and our digital age!

1 Feb 2016

Meanings of Flowers by Colours Infographic

Meanings of Flowers by Colours Infographic
-by unknown

Does color or colour of flowers necessary? I don't think so, the rainbow colour do not have individual meaning when the Divine Creator painted in nature, does it? Humans are fan to create meanings in the colour of flowers. Most flowers are beautiful and providing meaning on each colour diminishes the admiration they deserve! We ended up superstitious when categorizing the colour of flowers we see, plant, smell, give or receive as gifts. I believe due to our ancestors, the superstition beliefs they passed from generation to generation become part of our belief system we do not realize irrelevant from reality. In fact, flowers are made for the animals and insects not humans! So never pick a flower just photo shoot them and post on your social media accounts especially instagram! :-) 

1 Jan 2016

Obesity Facts in Children Infographic

Obesity Facts in Children Infographic by

Staggering facts even without creating infographic, you can see around us obese children. A healthy heart, happy heart!

FACT - there is an estimated 12.5 million children 5 years or younger spend 33 hours per week in child care settings where they may contained most of their daily calories.

Obesity is linked to more chronic conditions than smoking, poverty and drinking.The risk of more than 20 preventable conditions increasing, including sleep apnea, asthma, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, high cholesterol stroke and high blood pressure.

Risk factors:
Children in their early teens who are obese and who hive high triglyceride levels have arteries similar to those of 45-year-olds.

Obese children as young as 3 show indicators for developing heart disease later in life.

Children who are overweight 7-13 years old may develop heart disease as early as age 25.

Obese children are twice as likely to die before age 55 then their slimmer peers.