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21 Apr 2015

What is ADHD [Infographic]

What is ADHD or attention hyperactivity disorder in infographic by

Early records back from 1798 to date. Only what is recorded and researched can prove evidence to our human mind. It could have been evolved in the beginning of centuries forgotten.

15 Apr 2015

Timeline of Christianity Infographic

Timeline of Christianity infographic by

Christians have two main theological differences that other people do not really understand. Christian is a general term like the word "religious". Therefore, not all christians are religious. The word "religious" is a positive terminology for a devoted Catholic while it is a negative terminology to some protestant sects or denominations. Religious word negates what the Word of God written in the Holy Scripture. Religious represents those "compromisers" what the Bible says not to do and does the opposite thing.The best example of religious groups in the Bible during the period of Yeshua (Jesus) were the Pharisees and Sadducees. "Religious" is the opposite act  of  being "righteous" in biblical sense.

3 Apr 2015

History of Sushi Infographic

History of Sushi infographic by Mizuumi

Recorded from 4th Century B.C. to the Modern Era style. Sushi birth in Southeast Asia. Sushi fish is the uncooked version from Japan while Korean have their alternative identity version "Kimbop" but cooked stuffings.

2 Apr 2015

History of Furniture Infographic

History of Furniture infographic from around the world.

Recorded from the Greek and Roman Period to the 21st Century 

1 Apr 2015

History of #Hashtag Infographic

History of hashtag # by Kevin Basset at

There is one missing on the infographic of the # for the word "number".

History of hashtag does represent diversity meaning of symbol from music to social media trends. Without hashtags these days especially on social media and the main google search you will unlikely missing online :-)