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30 Dec 2010

First Digital Story of Nativity

Hope you are having a great Yeshua or Christ celebration Day and a very victorious prosperous New Year 2011!

How fast it could or it would be to proclaim that Yeshua (Jesus) was born in Bethlehem to become our Savior or Messiah? How quick it would be for the wise men to navigate where our Messiah was born 2000 years ago? Our Yaweh God must have been so wise not to let geeks to invent or to let technology boom that time because I like the fact that it is more interesting how the great story originated in Bethlehem. This video said it all, how quick to navigate without following the Bethlehem mysterious star that the wise men followed decades ago instead of using their Tomtom, Google Map, or Google Earth, mobile phones, etc.

6 Sep 2010

First Carbon Fibre Futuristic Shoes

What is your ideal futuristic shoes or you want it for your grandchildren to wear? 

Mojito shoe by Julian Hakes, a London Architect. Made of Carbon Fibre, Rubber and Leather.
 Source: Link

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4 Sep 2010

Collection of Shoes or Collection of Bags

Very ideal to turn our shoes into bags.
These are stunning shoebags and a great price too. 
For pro-recycle or pro-upcycle, it's a great idea to make one
just for yourself!

Loop Handle Heel Bag: Link

Perfectly fold!

 Porthole Heel Carrier Bag:

16 Aug 2010

Oscar - The World's First Bionic Cat With Prosthetic Paws

Everyone has their own view or choice when it comes to saving cats or their pets in general. Would you do the same if ever you're the owner of Oscar? The Peg-leg Pussy can walk again after a successful operation by British vet surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick.

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2 Jul 2010

World's First Undersea Resort and Restaurant

An interesting tourist spot on the planet!
Where do you think these are on the globe the "Poseidon Undersea Resort" and the Undersea Restaurant? Discover the mystery of this Resort and tell us about it. I haven't been there and even if I'll go there... I prefer land adventure than under the sea level. Don't know why?

World's First Undersea Restaurant:

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1 Jul 2010

The World's First Twitter Birdhouse

Who would have thought than the ones who claimed it first?

Are you tired twittering? Here's something for you!

Great to peek that the Twitterers, Tweeps, Twits and their Followers around the globe have finally found a wonderful lovely home. Worth flying twitter tweeps! Who knows it looks small on the outside but bigger inside like of that of Dr. Who's Blue Box? I love the design actually so I collected it here on my blog.

Oh yeah, you can twit them too in case they're not home? @HHRVB


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24 Jun 2010

World's Venomous Snake in Australia

"Inland Taipan" (also known as the Fierce Snake, Oxyuranus microlepidotus)

Picture: travlinman43 / flickr

Did You Know? 
Although the fierce snake is the most toxic snake in the world with venom more potent than any other species by a large margin. There have never been any human fatalities caused by this species. Several bites have been recorded and successfully treated by taipan antivenom which is produced and manufactured by the Australian Reptile Park and the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in Melbourne
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8 Jun 2010

How To Make Your First Cardboard Chair Like These Ones?

Best Cardboard Chair in the World
I stumbled this on Instructables site on this link World's Best Cardboard Chair
Great project or past-time for engineering or architecture students or anyone interested to reuse, recycle or upcycle cardboard before it becomes a rubbish.

Here's another one from the same site a Cardboard Cantilever Chair. 
For sure, they may not be the first in the world or first prototype one but they are great looking models anyway.


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2 Mar 2010

World's First Compostable Chip Bag

Have you just eaten your chips and thrown out your chip bags or packs? Watch out for this disappearing compostable chip bag. What do you think of it?


New World's First Tallest Building in Dubai

Here's an update of the new world's tallest building in Dubai, which replaced the former world's tallest building Taipei 101 in January 2010.


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