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3 Jun 2013

Philippines First Large-scale Gold Recovery Project from Mill Tailings

Benguet is Philippines first large-scale gold recovery project from mill tailings located in Balatoc Benguet.

Balatoc Mines is one of Benguet and Baguio City's gold rush locations in the Philippines. If you are a keen mountain traveller and interested in the mining industry you can explore there. When you go there your luggage and bags with you will be security-checked as you enter the territory.

 Mining Corporation website stated:
"The Balatoc Tailings Project (BTP) managed by Balatoc Gold Resources Corporation (BGRC), a wholly owned subsidiary of BenguetCorp, the project involves the processing 16.7 million tons (MT) of gold tailings with average grade of 0.65 grams per ton of gold, which are currently deposited in three ponds."

1 Jun 2013

First in the World Super Bus

World's First Super Bus!
CAR Middle East checks out the Superbus at the Dubai Autodrome and talks to the designer Dr Antonia Terzi, and FIA Vice President, Mohammed Ben Sulayem.