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5 Nov 2012

Allergy Season 101 Infographic

Which works best for you, over the counter drugs or natural remedies?

Allergy alert 101 infographic via

4 Nov 2012

Special Education 101 Infographic

Education is evolving and we do hope not only the Special Education but also the old school curriculum should evolve as fast as the new generation are adapting quicker than before! It's great to know more information out there that really specialize or customize to the individual needs of learners; which is aligning more to the individual skills, values and passions to pursue in life. How many graduates year after year since education has begun and yet not all graduates pursue their career to jobs due to limited opportunities not unless you become a business owner yourself for the entrepreneur by heart?

At long last, an infographic for Special Education 101 is up now, source by USC Rossier School of Education. I also currently curating more information about Special Education tools on for parents and teachers on this link

 Special Education 101 Infographic
USC Rossier Online
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2 Nov 2012

Learning Analytics 101 for Education Data Infographic

Learning Analytics 101 Infographic for Education Data on intelligence, student performance and anaysis models how students move forward on their learning experience.


1 Nov 2012

History of Microsoft Technology Infographic

An infographic of Microsoft Technology showing when it was created from 1974 to the present generation users of all time.
Via: Microsoft Technology Infographic by Firebrand Training