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31 Jul 2012

Where's the World’s First ‘Smart City’?

World’s First ‘Smart City’ to be completed by 2015: ‘Songdo’ The Orwellian Control Grid in 
Korea via David Icke - Exposing the dreamworld we believe to be real.


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12 Jul 2012

History Of 501c3 Government Licensing Of Churches

This great Christian Republic that we live in was formed 225 years ago in 1776 by god‑fearing men who put all, including their homes, families, and lives on the line. What we seldom hear today, and what has been conveniently (or should I say deliberately) left out of the history books, is that much of the impetus for achieving our independence and freedoms was the result of the preaching and teaching of the clergy of that time. They were "fired up" with the Word of God, and spoke out on anything and everything that was in conflict with that word.
What a contrast to today, when the preachers are silent, when the churches have made a pact with the devil (the state), when they have played the role of Judas and sold out our God for "thirty pieces of silver." Prior to 1954, there was no such thing as a 501(c)(3) church. All donations, contributions, gifts, etc. given to churches were automatically tax‑deductible under the old English common law, known as the "Law of Charities." Then in 1954, Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson (D‑Texas) sponsored legislation which brought churches under the new 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue code.
As a part of this legislation, churches would incorporate, and having that status, they could not be sued in a legal action. This was promoted as a "benefit" to the churches. The churches never bothered to look to the Scriptures and previous law to find out that churches could  not be sued. They relied instead on advice from lawyers and the "legal profession" who recommended acceptance of this new "benefit." And why not? Anything involving more "legality" does nothing more than advance the status, importance, need, and employment of this questionable profession. It is a fact, that today most all of the "churches" who have been sued in a court action have been "incorporated churches."
I guess that back in 1954, the rational of the churches was that if everyone else was doing it, why should Christians not be involved. The whole concept of limited liability was the bait to get churches incorporated   and like a fish, they were hooked! Corporations, under law, can sue and be sued! By submitting an application (and a substantial fee) to the IRS for tax exempt status, the "church" is requesting and accepting a government license to allow them to operate, within the parameters and statutes of government regulation.
In other words, the church has become subservient to the government. Today, it is estimated that fully 90% of the "churches" in this nation are 501(c)(3) government sponsored churches, while only 10% are free‑churches. The following materials were obtained from the Christian Bible Study web site in Melbourne, Florida, and reflect the requirements with which a church must comply to receive tax‑exempt status from the IRS. Instead of being a minister of God, serving the Almighty, these preachers have betrayed our Savior and the entire Christian theology, to become instead ministers of the government. And  this is not to say that we are anti‑government. We feel that the government has its place and the ministry of God has its place, and the government is and should be subservient to God.
Fortunately, any and all ministries located or headquartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia can not meet the first criteria, that of being incorporated. Virginia is the only state that does not permit or allow churches to incorporate. Some ministries and churches that wished to incorporate, have gone outside of Virginia, to other states (such as Delaware) for incorporation. This prohibition in Virginia dates back to the year 1802, when the Anglican Church (renamed as the Episcopal Church), went to the Virginia legislature seeking incorporation. The legislature found such to be a violation of the First Amendment relative to the establishment of  state‑endorsed churches, and they moved to amend the state constitution to forever prohibit  church incorporation in Virginia.
In spite of what some misinformed or uninformed churches and preachers may claim, Jesus Christ CAN NOT be the head of a 501(c)(3) church because at law, the "sovereign" to the corporation is the state! And "sovereign" means the supreme authority over legal as well as theological matters. The corporation has put the church into a non‑entity status. The request and acceptance of the 501(c)(3) status establishes a covenant (a binding agreement and contract) between the government and the church.
In recent months, there have been several instances where the government has stripped the tax‑exempt status from churches and demanded back taxes for violation of this covenant. And those pastors who "claim" that they can go into their pulpits and say anything they wish, contrary to "public policy," do so at their own peril. They have made a contract with the government, which they are in violation of, and they are in fact lawbreakers and civil criminals, for which they and their church can he held liable and responsible. And we wonder with more than 325,000 churches in this land, why we are seeing such deterioration of ethics and morality. The churches are silent and ineffective. The ministers have sold out Christ, again, for their "30 pieces of silver."
The Ten Commandments is under attack by the judicial system (in several geographic areas) as it is not considered public policy. The churches say, come to Christ, accept His grace and He will protect you, and then, these very same churches ignore their own words and turn to the state for protection. What must our heavenly Father think of these false preachers and churches?

The most prominent and successful certified public accountant firm in the nation today, that specializes in keeping churches out of trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, is now boldly saying to the pastors of America that they not only have to be "ordained by God, but also the IRS."
They also say that the IRS is dictating terms to the churches by declaring in clear and no uncertain terms that, "The government doesn't want your Bible, they want your checkbook!" In seminars all over the US, Chitwood and Chitwood of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is repeating this startling announcement to pastors and church leaders. Without so much as a blush, Michael Chitwood, the main speaker, says, besides the above quotes, "Pastor, if you don't get your house in order, get ready, you are going to have a jail ministry" as he practically screams out to those present as to what pastors and church leaders must do to avoid jail time and the confiscation of church property by the federal government.
Besides giving the pastor his job description, which is based on the Roman Catholic model of worship and polity, the IRS is demanding many other things that are clearly designed to make the IRS Commissioner the new head of the churches in America Some of these demands are as follows: The church must collect a Federal ID (Social Security) number from visiting evangelists, missionaries, preachers and singers before they invite them to the pulpit. They must give a Form 1099 to any minister who receives up to $600 in a years time, which includes missionary support. If the ID is not received, the church leaders must withhold a jeopardy assessment of 39% on the spot and send it to the IRS.
They must agree to the IRS definition of benevolence. They cannot deal in cash at any level, but must deposit all offerings into a checking account and write checks for every purpose. This means, of course, that the church, in order to conduct its ministry, has to have an Employer Identification Number which must be provided by the IRS by filing Form SS‑4 which a true New Testament church could never do and remain obedient to her Lord. In fact, church leaders would have to misrepresent the church as a religious organization rather than a N.T. Church to do so. Other things that pastors and church leaders are required to do are to be an informer against their members and also to preach only IRS prescribed sermons. Also, all fund raising material must be submitted to the IRS for their approval. 
The job description for pastors is a list of nine specific sacerdotal duties which again is a Roman Catholic definition meaning sacred. The Catholic church teaches that these sacraments, when administered by a priest, are essential to ones salvation. This is totally opposite to the Bible definition which states that baptism and communion are memorials of the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that they follow salvation.
The nine duties are: baptisms, weddings, serving the Eucharist (the Catholic sacrament of communion), teaching , spiritual counseling, christenings or baby dedications, administration of church affairs and the regular conducting of worship services. If the pastor does a substantial number of these things, he will receive very lucrative tax breaks. This is in clear violation of the scriptures concerning the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes which the Lord Jesus said that He hates (Rev. 2:6, 2:15). It is the setting up of a privileged class of clergy with benefits from the state that lay members do not receive. Others who minister to the church in the area of music, youth, children, education and other areas of responsibility don't qualify.
This is consistent with what officials of the IRS told Attorney David Gibbs of the Christian Law Association (CLA) in 1984 when they said that their definition of church is "once per week adult worship." They said that they did not consider such ministries as Sunday school, Christian school, busses, youth camp, vacation Bible school, nursing home, etc., to fall within their definition of the word "church". This Gibbs/IRS meeting took place in Washington, DC at the time that the so called champion of Christian liberty was hammering out a compromise with the Dole Committee (Sen. Bob Dole‑R‑Kansas) in the US Senate to bring the churches into compliance with the FICA tax (social security) laws.

11 Jul 2012

What's the History of Dyslexia - - Are You Dyslexic? How the Recent History of Dyslexia Could Affect YOU!

English: Simulation of dyslexic vision
English: Simulation of dyslexic vision (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Up until about 25 years ago, dyslexia was little known and less understood. Of course there was approximately 10% of the population that suffered from dyslexia in some form and degree (same as now), but no one knew then why these people were "different".

Dyslexia is a neurological condition. It affects the way the brain interprets signals received from the eyes. There are many types of dyslexia, most involve difficulties in reading, in symbol manipulation, going from spoken to written speech, sounding out the spelling of words and/or knowing how to pronounce a new word you read.

Dyslexia characteristics usually manifest themselves first in difficulties in reading, spelling, reading aloud and taking down notes from someone speaking. Historically, people who could not do these things very well were just dismissed as less talented, not suited for certain jobs, a bit slow, etc.

Beginning about 25 years ago and coming into full flower starting 15 years ago, we began to understand dyslexia better. We found that dyslexics learn differently, that they need to be taught in certain ways that are different, ways that take these dyslexia characteristics for learning into account.

Dyslexics see things differently. They can learn to do practically anything that non-dyslexics can, but they learn differently and need to be taught differently, in accordance with their needs. They are not mentally defective or stupid (far from it in fact!) just different.

Now, school age children are routinely screened for dyslexia, and those of higher probability are sent for full dylexia testing and analysis. They are screened for and get the kind of training they need to overcome whatever difficulties they had. Thus they are taught how to deal with and overcome any problems to learning.

Those of us who graduated from high school more than 15 years ago generally pre-date the routine testing. We had to work things out on our own, as best we could. Usually we were yelled at and ridiculed because of the difference that our dyslexia characteristics gave us.

As a result most of us were embarrassed, ashamed, ridiculed and made to feel guilty and inferior because of out differences. Almost all dyslexics learned to hide these differences.

Today there are still at least a couple of million undiagnosed adult dyslexics. Dyslexia symptoms are avoiding tasks or jobs that would require reading aloud or taking down notes, reading meters, etc. Many adult dyslexics are employed in jobs that are clearly below what their general level of intelligence would indicate.

Are you one of those "closet dyslexics", a victim of the sad history of dyslexia? Might your life be drastically improved just by being diagnosed and set on the right path to self-fulfilment?

For many it is a great boost to self-esteem, to understanding themselves better and to being able to use "the gift of dyslexia" (Yes, there is a bright side!) to their advantage rather than letting the dark side of dyslexia hold them back!

10 Jul 2012

What's the World’s First Personal Rapid Transport system

The world's first Personal Rapid Transport System claimed by Heathrow Airport to be the first one to launch the system. It travels at up to 25mph, the pods will ferry passengers rapidly between their cars and terminal check-in. It's UK's first personal rapid transport system (PRT). The "driverless pods" of the future according to BBC NEWS UK

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2 Jul 2012

What's the world's first Amphibious Passenger Coach

AmphiCoach is World's First Amphibious Passenger Coach. The world's first fully amphibious passenger motorcoach, the Malta-built AmphiCoach GTS-1 was launched for its production from the source. Reference: 

Is this some kind of global warming solution happening? The photo says it all:

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1 Jul 2012

What's the world's first handheld 4K camcorder?

JVC announced at the CES 2012 the GY-HMQ10, the world’s first handheld 4K camcorder that records 3840×2160 Quad Full High Definition (QFHD) video images, which is four times the resolution of high definition TV. The camcorder is powered by JVC’s Falconbrid large-scale integration (LSI) chip for high-speed signal processing and sports a 1/2-inch 8.3 Megapixel CMOS imager. The Falconbrid LSI chip takes raw image data from the CMOS sensor and dematrixes (deBayers) it in real time, delivering real-time 3840×2160 footage at 24p, 50p, or 60p. Read more itechnews

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