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2 Jul 2010

World's First Undersea Resort and Restaurant

An interesting tourist spot on the planet!
Where do you think these are on the globe the "Poseidon Undersea Resort" and the Undersea Restaurant? Discover the mystery of this Resort and tell us about it. I haven't been there and even if I'll go there... I prefer land adventure than under the sea level. Don't know why?

World's First Undersea Restaurant:

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1 Jul 2010

The World's First Twitter Birdhouse

Who would have thought than the ones who claimed it first?

Are you tired twittering? Here's something for you!

Great to peek that the Twitterers, Tweeps, Twits and their Followers around the globe have finally found a wonderful lovely home. Worth flying twitter tweeps! Who knows it looks small on the outside but bigger inside like of that of Dr. Who's Blue Box? I love the design actually so I collected it here on my blog.

Oh yeah, you can twit them too in case they're not home? @HHRVB


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