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5 May 2009

The First World's Largest Monster Truck Limo

Truck LimoImage by dave_7 via Flickr

Can you imagine yourself riding around town in one of the largest and most unique limousine in the world?

That's what someone decided would be an incredible task. S.D.M. Industries created the largest monster truck limo in the world that is still legal on the streets. This ride would surely leave you breathless and up for just about anything because this vehicle comes in at a full 11 feet tall.

S.D.M. decided to give this monster truck limo a nice lift with a massive 24" lift underneath. Now, the complete length of the truck is coming in with a massive 36 feet long.

S.D.M. crew added a complete 14 feet onto the length of the monster truck limo. Consider stocking this monster truck with everything from a 27" TV to a complete surround system full of plenty of room for a bar, and plenty of mood lighting to accompany the stunning leather interior.

This monster truck limo cost a grand total of $250,000 to complete the modifications to.

This is one of the largest investments into any vehicle modification we have seen around the world. Can you imagine pulling up to your wedding in this magnificent piece?

This monster truck limo is definitely something to be proud of. It has a full weight of 7 tons of 14,000 pounds. Also this is one of the biggest and heaviest vehicles on the road for passenger use.

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