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30 Dec 2010

First Digital Story of Nativity

Hope you are having a great Yeshua or Christ celebration Day and a very victorious prosperous New Year 2011!

How fast it could or it would be to proclaim that Yeshua (Jesus) was born in Bethlehem to become our Savior or Messiah? How quick it would be for the wise men to navigate where our Messiah was born 2000 years ago? Our Yaweh God must have been so wise not to let geeks to invent or to let technology boom that time because I like the fact that it is more interesting how the great story originated in Bethlehem. This video said it all, how quick to navigate without following the Bethlehem mysterious star that the wise men followed decades ago instead of using their Tomtom, Google Map, or Google Earth, mobile phones, etc.