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1 Feb 2011

First Bra Stories

All woman have their first bra stories. Growing into womanhood is a big deal and your first bra is a sign that you are becoming a woman.

Delia says that she was ten years old when she was gifted her first bra. She was already developing at age nine and she was insecure. She was so young and did not want to talk about it. She piled on the shirts and went about her day as if she was still flat chested. Fortunately, her mom took notice. Her mom did not discuss it with her. Her mom simply purchased her a training bra. She picked out a white, cotton, stretchy training bra and wrapped it. She saved it for a few days and gave it to Delia for her tenth birthday. Delia was so happy to have a bra. It was her best birthday gift that year. She was so thankful that she no longer had to pile on the t-shirts.

Julie was fifteen when she went to the store with her father for her first bra. Her mother had passed on when she was eight years old and her father was doing his best to raise her. Julie was thankful that she developed late. She was still horrified that she had to go with her dad but at least she was a little older. She knew that she was getting bigger in the chest and asked her dad to take her to the department store to buy her a brassiere. She was tired of getting teased at school for being too cold and too bouncy. Her father took her to the department store. Julie told him to sit down and actually asked the salesperson to help her get fitted. It turned out that she was already between a size B cup and C cup. She opted for the B cup. She selected three bras. Two white and one black lacy bra.

Mary was twelve when she went to get her first bra. She was so insecure about her breasts. Her two older brothers kept teasing her. Her aunt took notice and asked her mother if she could take her shopping for a bra. They went to a specialty bra shop. The bras were very beautiful and they had some training ones. The fitting lady was nice but it was still uncomfortable having a stranger measure your chest area. After she picked out two pretty training bras, her aunt took her to lunch. She explained that she was becoming a woman and should be proud her boobs that they were a part of her. It no longer bothered her when her brothers teased her again. She knew that she was growing up.

Every girl has their story. Most girls are embarrassed but it is a part of life. Getting your first bra should be a celebration. It should not be shameful. No matter if you are nine or fifteen. Getting your first bra is a passage in life. We need to let our daughters know that bras are beautiful and change is beautiful, too.

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