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7 Nov 2011

The First Baptist Church State in the World

This post was prompted after learning that Philippines banned 41 countries for the safety of Filipino working overseas that are unfairly treated and abused by their employers. It does reminds me of friends that are currently working in those countries as missionaries. By saying that, Nagaland is part of India so it is interesting to know that missionaries who have been there for centuries have already nearly saturated the place. Does it mean no need for Christian missionaries then? What do you think? 

What is the only predominantly Baptist state in the world?
Wikipedia reports that "Nagaland is the only predominantly Baptist state in the world, which constitutes 75% of the state's population, thus making it more Baptist (on a percentage basis) than Mississippi in the southern United States, where 52% of its population is Baptist. Roman Catholics, Revivalists, and Pentecostals are the other Christian denomination numbers. Catholics are found in significant numbers in parts of Wokha district and Kohima district as also in the urban areas of Kohima and Dimapur. 7.70% population belongs Hinduism, who are mainly live in Dimapur and Kohima."

"Baptist church, Alichen, Nagaland. Many Ao people in Nagaland are very devout Baptists due to the American missionary, Dr. Clark, coming to the area about 100 years ago."
~Source: Nicole Titus via
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