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5 Jan 2012

World's Greatest Robot Show 2011

Will there be any greatest robots or androids coming than this? Will you prefer robots to do all the things you want in a day? Wake up by an alarm robot and have already made you a hot cup of coffee mixed with a teaspoon of stevia and a tray of toasted bread from the robot's tummy :-). A robot to open the shower for you and choose what you probably wear for the day.
A robot that will wash the dishes and look after your feline or canine friends at home (the only non-robotic in the house).  How far can we ask for from a robot to outsource all the jobs we want done in a day or months when we want to getaway? I think it's roboticrazy world when we replace our brain up-side down by robots. Just a little thought.

World's Greatest Robot Show 2011:

The Official Greatest Robot:

Funniest Robot in the World:

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