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3 Dec 2012

Social Media Explained with Coffee 101 Infographic

I don't know about you but the coffee industry (or donut per se :) keeps brewing as this quite entices you with their aromatic infographic according to Donut analogy via

Here are some questions to ponder as you social media on Collection of First:
Do you like coffee?
Are you drinking #coffee?
Are you good at drinking coffee?
Do you watch yourself as you drink coffee?
How old are you and do you drink when you're not taking pictures of yourself?
Do you collect pictures and recipes of coffee drinks with toppings when possible?
What's your answer to that Q? :)
Want a meetup for a cuppa?
Can you share articles about coffee?
If you're not a Google employee, what do you do while drinking coffee?
If you're not the Mayor, does your mayor offered you cuppa visit?
Are you an instagramer? Yes I am too find me here  at Instragram

SocialMediaExplained - with coffee
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