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1 Apr 2013

The World's Killer Diet

"Now what can we do about this? Well, you know, the diet that we've found that can reverse heart disease and cancer is an Asian diet. But the people in Asia are starting to eat like we are, which is why they're starting to get sick like we are. So I've been working with a lot of the big food companies." by Dean Ornish

Yeah, come on my co-asians let's put out our authentic dishes out there and don't have to go with the flow of obesity diet. Not too long ago there was not much fast food chain like McDonalds, KFC's, pizzas, etc... and so you rarely see any obese kids around in the Philippines. Sadly, visiting home to my country once and a while you can see a huge change of fat kids not just fat but obese too like western kids and other countries.

Hope let's get back to our raw diet from organic farming. NO to GMO or genetically modified! No to any adulterated processed foods! NO to MSG or monosodium glutamate and other deceptive preservatives, NO to SUGAR or sweeteners (find alternative like honey, stevia, etc.). Our food is our medicine that can be found in nature!

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