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1 Jan 2014

Australia's First Indigenous Female Politician

An emotional speech rendered by Nova Peris. "Nova Peris, Australia's first Indigenous female politician, sheds tears as she describes her journey to Parliament."

Collection of First brief comparison review between Australia indigenous and Philippines indigenous:

I hope to see the light that we should embrace each other cultural background, tribe and tongue in Australia especially its original indigenous of the vast land. We should learn some from each one dialect we may encounter that is called social connection beyond Facebook, Twitter, etc. This speech from the above video expresses still depth emotional healing and we should be open hearted to our multi-cultural in Australia and its diverse indigenous. Sad to hear from my husband that even in his Australian history the old school never taught them properly of indigenous people and its deep culture, he shared me. Posting this speech should be a celebration that some indigenous in Australia surpasses its painful past and often aware that you are not alone, as Collection of First empathized by sharing Philippines similarity over its past Europeans invasion.

In the Philippines that was once invaded by Europeans for over three decades (prior to the Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch), despite invasion, the old school system manage to teach the Filipinos regarding their indigenous cultures and tribes that still exist today. Filipinos were able to preserve each tribal dialect (languages) despite a mixture of embedded Spanish words in their tongue. Some dialects (languages) kept its origin. Filipinos were unable to use their original Filipino alphabet that the Spanish tried to exterminate. I believe as Filipinos were able to express forgiveness verbally from their past hurting history and resiliently move forward if not because of the well-known Filipino heroes like Jose Rizal and the Christian faith influences (brought by Spanish & Americans). Jose Rizal fought Filipino freedom by the mighty use of his pen not by sword. His writings were mightier than two edged sword, as its quotation.

Some light I could personally share with you. Some white Australian missionaries and other nationalities came/come to the Philippines that we know personally dedicated their lives to our indigenous people and tribal groups. We are grateful that part of it helped our education and lifestyle from the unsophisticated routine and poverty life. The missionaries also connect to local NGO or local churches, which shed more re-connection and collaboration to help our co-tribal Filipino people to move forward and not dwelling in the past.

In Australia, it was former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd led the right leadership of expressing healing of forgiveness to the Australian indigenous people and culture as the story unfold before our eyes.

  “The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it...” ~Nicholas Sparks

Wikipedia  list of Australian Aboriginal languages and dialects.

Filipinos languages and dialects: