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1 Oct 2014

First in the World Pot Bellied Pig Obedience Lesson

The World's First Pot Bellied Pig Obedience Lesson

Oh poor pork belly!
Something pot bellied.
Lessons obeyed.
Pig whisperer whispered.
Unto thy pork belly.
~Collection of First~

Training commenced since 1980's for dogs prior to Karyn's inventive running event.

Trainer's Background:
Karyn Garvin refers to herself as a professional dog trainer and animal behavior specialist. There are only a handful of people in this country today who have been training dogs professionally for as long as Karyn has. “Professionally” being the key word here. This has been her livelihood, working at it six days per week for over thirty-three years. She was a professional dog trainer before it was really even known as, or considered, a profession. When pot-bellied pigs were all the rage in the 1990s Karyn was inventive in running the world’s first pot-bellied pig obedience class. She was there to help these pet owners learn how to live harmoniously with their new pets. You can still view the documentary video by going to her website:

Garvin's Divine Dog Training Center