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31 Jan 2015

First in the World Organic Coconut Wax Candle

The Healthy Alternative Pure Light organic candles made from Coconut!

This is great product that was received as gift from hubby few years back. I personally tried this and I will give my personal review on my other blog with my personal photo of the product. I posted this to encourage more small businesses to flourish on how to help our planet and its people to live healthy wise from our toxic planet.

Pure Light candles are made from our own exclusive organic coconut wax, pure essential oils, and an textile-grade cotton wick. That is it, pure and simple. No petroleum products, no synthetic fragrances, no chemical dyes, no lead wicks, and no carcinogens! We are firmly committed to disclosing all of our ingredients and believe that in keeping it simple, we are creating healthier products with integrity and honesty.
At Pure Light, "Clean, Natural, Healthy", is more than a motto, it is a lifestyle. We are incredibly passionate about our candles and receive great joy in creating a healthy glowing flame, one that promotes a healthy lifestyle and a greener earth! So, rest assured and breathe easy, and know that while burning a PURE LIGHT organic coconut wax candle, you too the path to a brighter future!