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1 Dec 2015

Instagram Ad Anatomy Infographic

Instagram Ad Anatomy Infographic

According to the infographic below by via Visualistan

Statistics are:

70% instagrammers are below 35 years old, that means more younger people leaving facebook for facebook...

53% follow their favorite brands on instagrams

44% use instagram to research products

400 million plus monthly active instagram users

40 billion plus shared photos

3.5 billions likes daily

80 million plus average photos daily

The latest great Instagram tool app for year 2015 is Boomerang! Great for pets you love to make fun of!


  • More than anything, what goes around comes around cliche. INSTAGRAM is created for ads around the world and be able to market products to all customers. 
  • INSTAGRAM USERS also show off what they buy and how beneficial the products they are buying online or offline and post them on Instagram (life myself!) I like to post products that are naturally organic whether that is seed, goods, etc. 
  • Amateur photograhers are on the rise and even great photo shots than other professionals out there!
  • Like Facebook, Instagram was born to compete with Twitter! I don't know about Google Plus yet :-)

The Anatomy of an Awesome Instagram Ad #infographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan