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24 Oct 2017

Design Trends 2017 Continues

Design Trends 2017 Vol 3 by

2017 creatively moves quicker than ever before with tweaks and colours when it comes to digital designing. Digital designs in all sorts of artworks are broader to choose from especially in the internet marketing world. Take a look at what other designer's perspective is coming up with the trend if it is any better and readable for a start!

The truth is, without users demand no designers!

The ironic part about is the most in demand website could not afford to update their digital website design, if only we come to the point to use the sharing economy system; we would have a balance of monetising each other's expertise. I'm not talking about devaluing, but I'm referring to those designers who would pitch their designs but too dare to keep up payments with them. Think of our nomadic past history they barter each other's expertise; there's nothing stopping for the digital nomads to barter each other in a sustainable reasonable way.

It would make it multi-cultured digital nomad design multi-coloured trend!

"Colours" or "colours" (well my PC defaulted to British English so auto use English English, not American English) are often on top of the lists with millions of colour shades to choose from why would a designer stick to the standard trend?

1. Card/Title Based Design
2. Bold Topography
3. Experimental and Throwback Colours
4. Thin Icons

5. Neon Gradients
6. Retro Pastels
7. Bold Shapes
8. Renewed Emphasis on Originality