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4 Feb 2009

First Original Tanning Lamps

How did the tanning bed or tanning lamps originated? I'm posting this because I am greatly concern how most women today are being deceived on their conscious mind to kill themselves this way!

Wikipedia says, "Tanning beds were initially brought to America by Friedrich Wolff in 1978, he soon patented his particular blend of phosphors (since expired) and began licensing the technology to other companies. Wolff Systems has since devoted all their resources into lamp technology and development. Some of the early adopters of the Wolff technology include ETS, Inc., SCA, Sun Industries, Inc., Montego Bay, Sunal. Later, Friedrich sold Wolff Systems to his brother Jorg Wolff, who was the founder of Cosmedico, Ltd., another pioneer in the tanning industry. The first original tanning lamps were discovered by accident in 1903 by a German company called Heraeus who were developing lighting systems for the home and for industrial usage. These lamps were of the high-pressure metal halide variety. They discovered that the light that was developed for visible light purposes also emitted ultra-violet light. In the 1920s and 1930's they (Heraeus) first started to market and sell single lamp, self standing tanning/wellness devices. The first high-pressure tanning beds incorporating more than a single high-pressure lamp were manufactured in the mid to late seventies by companies such as Ultrabronz and JK Ergoline and in the 1980s the first high-pressure units were exported to the United States."

Here's just one video which I would say ridiculous way of killing your own original beautiful & wonderful body! For sure you already saw many kinds of them around you.

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