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4 Feb 2009

History of "Skin Whitening"

If (some or many) white westerners love their tanning products or solarium coffin; the opposite side of the world like Asia, Africa and Middle East love their "skin whitening" too! Why in the world full of market advertising products can totally change a person's mentality and view of life to death? How many toxic products we are putting in our bodies every day not to mention eating the adulterated foods? Incrediblly, how far should we go on living like this? Most well, if only we can exchange skins from each other then maybe it would be great weird! HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT IT AGAIN THAT THERE'S AN INTELLIGENT DESIGNER or CREATOR BEHIND THE COLOURS OF OUR SKIN TYPES DUE TO OUR LOCATIONS? Indeed, we should be grateful of our skins, the Divine Creator knows best suited for us!

History of Skin Whitening:

Wikipedia sums it briefly "Geisha in Japan were (and still are) known for their painted white skin, which represents beauty, grace, and high social status. However, the skin-whitening products are not used in such a wide scale in Japan today. Geisha paint their skin white in geisha-based ceremonies to celebrate their culture and background. In ancient Persia, during the Achaemenid dynasty, farmers and civil workers used pure hydroquinone to keep their skin clear and soft.[citation needed] Today, skin whitening products are available in the form of creams, pills, soaps or lotions. The mechanism of permanent whitening is usually by the breakdown of melanin by enzymes, such as that contained in the droppings of the Japanese bush warbler or reducing agents such as hydroquinone. Most whitening creams also contain a UV block to prevent sun damage to the skin."

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