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17 Mar 2009

Australia's First Electric Car Production

Who wants to have 'carbon dioxide free' electric car of your own?

Are you electrical or mechanical minded person? This would definitely fascinates you even if you're not an engineer but just want to drive your own electric car free from CO2, etc.

How does BEV or Blade Electric Vehicle work?

According to Blade Electric Vehicle (BEV) company, "they convert Hyundai Getz into an EV. In 2008 BEV became a member of the Australian Technology Showcase and a recipient of various grants from the Victorian and Federal governments to further develop its design and technology. As a result of sound research and engineering BEV is now an exporter of electric cars and electric car technology to overseas markets."

Going Green Expo videos posted from YouTube:

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ViewMore FromRelated VideosCommentsSaveShareSend

See specifications more on their website:

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