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10 Mar 2009

First Time on Twitter?

I understand exactly how you may feel if you're first time on twitter. I signed up on twitter with all my curiosity. Here are some widgets apps for Twitter you might like to use:

Do you have great Twitter apps you can recommend? There are lots of apps and it takes time to use all of them at once.

Twitter Widgets at



Badges and Widgets
  • Twitter Name Tag - create and print a unique twitter nametag for your next meeting or social gathering.
  • Sprout - Create a rich multimedia widget that pulls in your Twitter feed and photos.
  • TwitterSALT- Twitter to Image: Monitoring & Conversion Service. Paste one line of HTML into any web document and your twitters will show up in that document from one to three minutes after you twitter. Works on MySpace, Facebook, Craigslist, BBS Forums, email, and, of course, your own blog or webpage.
  • TweetRoll - Add a badge to your website or blog to show avatars from other tweeter you're following and how many followers/friends you have. Now with personalisation options to let you specify colours, size and tagline. Also available as a Wordpress widge
  • SayTweet Twitter Badge - Create a Twitter badge using your own picture! Upload a picture, tag users in that picture, and have their tweets appear in speech bubbles. Embed the badge in your blog, website, or MySpace!
  • Kent Brewster's Twitterati Badge - Interactive Twitter badge; single-line JavaScript include, highly customizable, lets you start with your followers (or mine, or anybody's) and surf around from follower set to follower set.
  • Netvibes Twitter Widget - Official Netvibes Twitter Widget
  • Twitter King Widget - UWA for Netvibes and Google by Porno Schorsch
  • Twitter Web Badges - The official Twitter web badges (available in Flash or Javascript flavors) for showing your recent tweets or friends list on your web site.
  • Chris' Twitter Badge -- a simple javascript badge that matches's color scheme. Code included.
  • Jon Aquino's Twitter Badge - a modification of the official Javascript web badge that shows multiple recent tweets and fixes a date parsing issue in IE. Source code included.
  • Morgan Aldridge's Twitter Badge - another modification of the official Javascript web badge that shows one or more recent tweets, the twitterer's icon, links to tweet permalinks, and has more CSS hooks for better styling. Source code included.
  • Twitter Widgets - Display your latest Tweets (Twitter updates) on your blog, website, myspace profile or anywhere else in a cool flash widget. Themes include flowers, smileys, hearts, etc.
  • Twitter WordPress Sidebar Widget a WordPress Widget plugin for your blog as an alternative to the badges provided by Twitter.
  • Twitter Planet -- a Twittervision-like Windows Live gadget.
  • Twitter Flash Clock - flash clock which can be embed on twitter pages.
  • WithFriendsHtmlTwitterBadge - an HTML Twitter Badge that shows the "With Friends" feed.
  • Tweets -- iGoogle gadget (can be used also for OpenSocial containers).Navigation through the social graph of Twitter users, showing their tweets and persons they are following. See also for web version (430px wide).
  • TwitterCard -- Create a 125x125 Twitter business card widget to put on your blog and display bio and recent status.
  • TwitterMySite -- Create custom "follow me" buttons for your blog with any text included in the image!
  • Sigpad -- put your Twitter status in your email signature.
  • TweetThis -- Add "TweetThis" button to your blog and increase the visibility of your blog post. Let your blog readers to tweet about your post with a simple mouse click.
  • TwitIMG -- Provides you with an automatically updating image for use on forums and blogs. Just tweet, your image is updated with your latest tweet.
Enjoy tweeting! Follow me and I will follow you back!
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