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7 Apr 2016

World's First Flying Cars Are Finally Here

World's First Flying Cars Are Finally Here!

What are the pros and cons of flying object technology? I leave that to you. :-)

While taxi driving monopoly and Uber innovation are currently fighting, flying cars are more excited to ride on than ever! Imagine a solar powered highways for wingless earth transportations or universal solar powered flying cars at the same time! Flying cars are finally launched not only in movies.

Excited or afraid of the changes what technology and innovations could create and re-create from the minds of great imaginations and visionaries of this world! Flying cars are already here as much as driverless cars licensed into the market place. I would say, integrating or synchronizing the mechanics of driverless cars into flying cars would be ideal for a lot of safety reasons.

Flying cars are finally here, whether we like it or not. There would be a lot of Indian descent driving for delivery pizzas, taxis, Uber and etc. to your windows or balconies. I mentioned Indians because I often see them as taxi drivers in Australia.

We do not need to re-construct roads after natural disasters or re-build flying highways in metro cities due to traffic congestions. The sky is the limit to go from A to Z with flying cars, flying planes, or anything flying transportation under the sun!

Travelling would be limitless while we can also choose to rest from one space floating motels or hotels to another when we wanted to.

Let us examine these flying cars, shall we?

  • Flying police cars would be number one to do those chasing honers from the earth surface! Yep, the universe is limitless when the cops finally see you over speeding. Would it be great and chaotic? Will the police trafficking laws be in control or not at all? Will the subterranean aliens technology flying UFO's finally can join the fun with the humans or hybrid humans? I guess if all the flying cars are solar powered, you can only fly where the sun is or even better than that!


  • We don't need to travel to Asian countries to buy exotic fruits like those in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc. as their floating boats will fly to us!


  • Exactly! We don't need roads anymore! We do not need to put up with politicians talk and promises that will never deliver their building road projects stimulated by tax payers money! 


  • Here we go, the world's first real flying car have launched by Terrafugia! For those rich people who can buy  and play their toys how they want. For those dreamers that may come true!