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1 May 2016

Raw Chocolate History 101 Infographic

Raw Chocolate History 101 Infographic

Most of us love chocolates, but if you genuinely love chocolate you would be at least love where it comes from! The Cacao fruits are grown in some parts of the world including Philippines. I grew up in the Philippines and when visiting our grandparents and dad's siblings place, they usually have Cacao fruits to give us or our grandma would make us yummy raw chocolate from the Cacao seeds! Nothing beats the raw chocolate than the adulterated chocolate these days except if you find one with better ingredients out there, which thankfully there are and organic!

According to the infographic, "Monkeys discovered the Cacao tree fruits while ancient civilizations found its power, created their own chocolate god and worshiped it!" Most paganism beliefs worship any object that brings them luck or something good or great to them anyway :-)

We do hope, like the production of fair trade coffee and sustainability that they encouraged so with the production of raw Cacao or raw chocolates around the world's origin of planting and production.

Click the infographic to make it larger and easy read :-)