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25 Nov 2016

History of Classroom Technology Infographic

History of Classroom Technology Infographic

Educational tools are becoming more available to us than ever before! Some of us or some countries still taking it slow to move forward from the old school system education to the newest collaborative social greater dimension level education. The classroom technology had come a long way.

If the Western countries still struggle to see the relevance of moving away from the classroom setting to a Finland education way, how much more with the developing countries still copying the old format education of the western way. Since the history of Classroom Technology Tools was invented, virtual apps are created every day to make education learning quicker and adaptable to our today's digital technology lifestyle and beyond. We are running behind although history tells us so if our old educational system lacks the vision to move forward where our future technology is heading.

Can you imagine when everything goes paperless? No pens and papers lying around? No more newspapers? Everything will be a touch screen on either through our smart TV, smart mobile, smart tablets, etc. The disruption technology is here to challenge those who are willing and ready like in Noah's time before the flood.