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3 Oct 2016

The History of GPS Infographic

The History of GPS infographic

As indicated in the infographic below, the Smoke Signals were used in ancient times to give signals to one another. I'm pretty sure for the developing countries after the Gen X, and Y were born they would have at least experience some of the Smoke Signals in the remote places when someone invites you to a big festival or a community party. "Where there's smoke, there's food." Even to these days when you're out of mobile signals and stranded on an island, Smoke Signals are pretty much capable. On the other hand, we know that some people are gifted as great navigators by using their compass and travelled around the globe to conquer and claimed history of humanity.

For all the right reasons, smart technology is here where each smart mobile phones can turn on their location, and you're ready to go!

What's next after this history revealed in our present generation? What will be the Millenials generation and beyond can bring about after smart phones and apps?