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9 Dec 2008

First Time In1200 Days

Is there any greatest networker than Moss you know?

Gordon Moss:
The Worlds Greatest Networker...
Leaves Mansion For First Time In1200 Days...

Moss Takes Trip Outside and sees that the Sky is TRULY BLUE

United States of America (Press Release) August 3, 2007 -- Gordon Moss, The World's Greatest Networker, took an unexpected journey outside of his West Bloomfield fortress this morning for the first time in over 1200 days.

Network marketers from all over the country lined the streets in front of the mansion to get a glimpse of the world's greatest networker as he emerged. With the exception of the Meals On Wheels guy, it was the first time Moss was seen by anyone in almost 4 years.

One spectator said,"The door opened really slowly and we saw a couple of bats fly out. Then we saw Moss come out. It was kind of hard to tell if it was Gordon Moss because he had what seemed to be gallons of SPF 200 slathered all over his body" What happened next is a mystery.

Moss came out and apparently saw his shadow. He turned and ran back inside screaming "It's really blue...It's really blue!!" No one knows if he was screaming about his shadow or the sky, but it is expected that we will now have six more weeks of summer.

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