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16 Dec 2008

First Valve for Coffee Packing

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Do you have valve on your coffee pack? Check it out, if this may interests you!

This weekend I was storing my hubby's ground coffee to another bottle and I saw this valve that got me curious where's its made from...I finally saw the name labelled on this very small valve and what is it for? Such small engineering but it keeps the coffee taste having a coffee drink from fresh roasted coffee bean!

"It was Fres-co who invented the degassing valve for coffee, which allowed the packaging of the coffee to be done immediately after roasting to insure the freshest possible taste. The valve allows for the CO2 to exit the package, but will not allow oxygen or other gases back in. (CO2) and if the valve is not used, coffee needs up to 24 hours to fully degas before being packaged in a hermetically sealed container. During this degassing process the coffee my be subject to degradation due to oxygen, which quickly makes the coffee go stale."*


OUTER VALVE - The original version, designed to be seen on the package surface.



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