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1 Jun 2016

Distance Education History Infographic

Distance Education History Infographic
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Some of us in the world would have experienced distance learning or correspondence through snail mails before electronic and internet boosted the distance closer than what we can imagine before as history of e-learning unfolds. I must admit myself, I did enjoy learning by snail mails in the past by local and international correspondence when I was in the Philippines. How much more opportunity right here right now as you and I are facing our PC, notebook, tablet or mobile gadgets, etc. to access what we can grab hold into and not waste time playing games :-)

The History from the Infographic indicates "The world's first distance learning course is established in Boston, with lessons sent by mail in 1728! Followed by Great Britain teaching Shorthand course by correspondence in 1840, and the rest of the timeline below."

Whether you look at the history timeline from the infographic or search online, we have many online courses available and even for free and be a part of the history! Why not, take the course you like or love? What website you are using for learning online? Why not share it with us?