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1 Jul 2016

CPR History 101 Infographic

CPR History 101 Infographic

Written history of CPR was way back in 1767 a first society formed in Amsterdam due to drowning victims in Amsterdam's canals in the 18th century as the infographics below sum up.

These days, we are very fortunate to be able to get even one day course certificate in First Aid training in Australia when hubby and I decided to get the course together in our early marriage. It was fun activity with others who came for refreshing course and you can use your spouse or a dummy for practicing the CPR steps. In Australia, if your certificate already expired you can go back anytime and get refreshed course and even online now available.

Yes, CPR is very important to learn even if we do not have medical background as long as you are interested to do it or it comes in handy in case of emergency. Learn the technique right and do it right.