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28 Jul 2016

Photographic Camera History Infographic

Photographic Camera History Infographic
Via Behance
Created By ©2014 Retrofuturismo-kitsch

For camera collectors of vintage and modern, which one are you keeping yet to these days? If I would have the space and money to waste for collection, it would be cameras! :-)  Infographic below is such a great example of how it would time travel us back when were not yet existed in our mother's womb. Digital cameras come very handy these days than using those negative rolls after rolls very delicately. I got the personal enthusiast when my father always had one. As soon as he asked what gift he would buy me when I was in high school, I just said camera and bought me one that I did treasure. I wished I would have kept it, I forgot how it was misplaced being a nomad transferring from one place to another.

Here's my short story out of this history: I hate to remember one when I dropped a roll of negative after using my dad's camera during my brother graduation in high school. I was so devastated for him and our family! Nothing left that was not unexposed at least! No memories during his magna cum laude's ceremony! What's your experience from your old camera, I wonder?

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