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29 Jul 2016

History of Spice Infographic

History of Spice Infographic
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Who would not like flavours in their food, even a baby started to fuss when that flavours sinking in their brain collection :-)

The infographic can give us a thorough origin of the spices around the world unless someone done more deeper research on it. Spices was no doubt our nomad ancestors travel for from one country to another by foot or by any means of transportation. The trading of different valuable items or goods to another including spices in the past would have been trailblazing experience especially when searching for that hot chili babies!

We do hope, we get the best spice before GMO take over the original taste of everything ruining the spice of origin of our natural mother earth has provided by our great Almighty Creator God of all seeds great and small!

What are your favourite spices?

Enjoy your spices out there!