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31 Aug 2016

40 Lists How To Start a Fire

How to make fire without flint but even with a flint? I meant how to make a fire in Survivor TV show that film dumb applicants "how not to make fire using a flint"?

Inspired or shocked through the castaways of Survivor Australia 2016 who entered the TV reality show and does not know how to make fire after their flint was worn out. One of the tribes had no fire for five days; they sighed at the Tribal Council. Watching the first and second episode, most of them mentioned they loved and watched Survivor America but when they entered the survivor camp; they missed to apply the major key of life - the "bloody" fire! Metaphorically speaking the winner of Survivor Australia 2016 never knew how to make fire! The most awkward scene when Kristie Bennet was trying to make a fire in the middle of the night when the last four game players were supposed to be sleeping.

Here are smart ways of similar methods from different sources listed for you. Some can be repeated, but the presentation from different bloggers can suit to your style of surviving plans.

WARNING: This is for survival purposes not playing with fire!

Bow and Drill. How to make fire without matches (materials are hardwood (socket), drill or spindle wood, bow curved stick, cord or leather thong, fire board (softwood), gathered dead grass/dried barks, paper and your human hands of course) via

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10 Ways Primitive to Start a Fire via PeakProsperity collected video lists!