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3 Sep 2016

Australia Survivor 2016 Recap

Australia Survivor 2016 Recap

The ironical meaning of the Australian Survivor tribes names indicating secret names translated from the Philippines language. This recap is not your typical long paragraphs of the fairdinkum Aussie writing version. It came to my attention why Aganoa tribe kept being voted nearly three times and the first tribe voted out from the Tribal Council. I was kinda repeating Aganoa sounds familiar if you speak it in Tagalog (Philippines National language) until I reviewed twitters feed #SurvivorAu. Sure enough, I found similar thoughts and spot on his tweet in the Tagalog language, so I tweeted him back @jlhabitan

Here is it, I decided to translate-typographic it for you and why Aganoa voted first and maybe the first tribe to disperse from planet Samoa island. Aganoa may be the earliest to vote in the Tribal Council, but they are the earliest to find the Immunity Idol. Who knows what unexpected twists lie ahead of the Australian Survivor compared to the American Survivor version? The fans of American Survivor versions reckon the Australian Survivor 2016 pulled it off better with their EARLY twists through the SAANAPU tribe and VAVAU tribe lost from the tribal challenge game resulted to two tribes to vote in the Tribal Council. Tribal Council twisted their votes and swapped each castaway voted off from each tribe then bring one castaway from their tribe with them.

SAANAPU or WHERE IS IT tribe looking at each other's eyeballs rolling wide while VAVAU or ON TOP/HOW CHEAP tribe is looking on top of each other's shoulders what is going on with all the political swapping in Australia, apparently, Hamish the Aussie comedian pointed out from his Twitter feed.

The SAANAPU or WHERE IS IT tribe will continue to find the Immunity Idol and be saying "WHERE IS IT?" The VAVAU or ON TOP/HOW CHEAP will continue to outplay ON TOP of each other as usual. The AGANOA or YOU'RE EARLY tribe will they continue to win an upcoming set of games before they become the EARLY tribe to be broken.

Australia Survivor Tribes 2016:
AGANOA - "Aga N'yo Ah" or "Aga Mo Ah" - meaning "YOU'RE EARLY" tribe
SAANAPU - "Saan Na Po" - meaning "WHERE IS IT" tribe
VAVAU - "Babaw" - meaning "ON TOP" or "HOW CHEAP" tribe