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19 Dec 2011

Third World to First World in 4.5 Seconds; Not So Fast!

By Lance Winslow

It takes a lot to go from Third World to First World and it seems that many countries are forced to do it much faster than they are either ready for or can handle.  It takes many things to upgrade a civilization and it also takes a couple of generations. 

 Great civilizations have many commonalities and many things that must be secure before it can move up.  Civilizations need clean water, protection, common language, education, transportation, distribution, infrastructure, common currency, communication and it sure helps if they have a few friends in the world.  That is a tall order indeed isn't it?

  Everything in a civilization affects everything else and when going from Third World To First World things must be done in a certain order and yet the speed at which Third World nations enter the First World realm means that many of the components of the civilization must be handled at the exact same time and often the country goes through chaos, political unrest and a population base which fears change.  That is an innate characteristic of human groups, as they see change like the see danger and this causes fear, protectionism and even hostility.

 The world is moving together faster than ever before due to communication, aircraft travel and a concerted effort towards globalization.  It is not easy to establish or upgrade a civilization without massive change.  It should not be surprising that when you speed up the timetable from Third World To First World you also compress all the emotions, civil unrest and fear into a shorter timetable causing severe disruptions in the old way of thinking.  Please consider this additional factor when promoting globalization on an advanced timetable.

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