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18 Dec 2011

The World's First Test Tube Baby: Where Is Louise Brown?

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By Elijah James

The very first test tube baby was born in 1978 and her name was Louise Brown. She was born on July 25 and weighed in at 5 lbs and 12 oz. Her birth was taped and she became famous as that was the beginning of IVF procedures all around the world. The parents were battling IVF for about 9 years and IVF was their only hope of having a child.

The hospital of choice was Oldham General Hospital which was located in England. Reporters were crowding the hospital in desperate hopes of seeing a picture of the egg as it was fertilized outside of the womb. There were debates for the longest time as to whether or not this was ethical and morally right or not. There were doctors that filmed her birth and she was born by way of a C-Section. This showed that the mother's fallopian tubes weren't present.

Louise Brown is 32 years of age and she herself has a 3 year old boy named Cameron who was conceived naturally and was born naturally as well. Louise wanted to live a quiet life and she worked for a shipping company as a clerk. To this day, reporters continue to visit her and they began noting her birthday as well as about her son.

In 2010, the physiologist that developed IVF, Robert Edwards, was awarded a Nobel Prize in the field of medicine and this also marked the 30-year old birthday of Brown. This is the man that technically had given her life. Brown states in several interviews that she is blessed to have been a breaking part of medicine and IVF.

She now lives in Bristol along with her son and her husband. She has a sister that is 4 years younger than her that too was born by way of IVF. Her sister's name is Natalie, and in 1999 Natalie was known as the first IVF offspring to have a child naturally.

IVF became a frenzy among media as soon as Edwards implanted an embryo of 8 cells and this was how Louise became known. There were several religious priests and leaders that questioned this IVF as it was known as being unnatural to fertilize eggs outside of the woman's womb. There were even some scientists who questioned this method.

This has become a popular method for couples to have a child and there are an estimated 2-3% of babies that are born this way. This goes or all around the globe. There are several controversies about IVF even to this day and these arguments are not going to diminish anytime soon especially in certain religious backgrounds.

However, even though there is a lot of disagreeing among media and religious beliefs, Louse Brown continues to live and enjoy her life with her family. She is thankful every day and if it weren't for Edwards, she would not be around today. The family is blessed and it is remembered every year on her birthday.

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