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14 Dec 2011

The World Is Ripe

By John R Kenny

The World is coming of age, it is coming to full maturity. As the world reaches full age and full strength it exerts more pressure on the earth, by its abuse of the resources, and of the poor of the world, both of which cry out to God for His intervention. It is a similar time to when the Jews where in slavery in Egypt that their cry went up to God, who heard and sent a deliverer, and took them out by great might. James talks of the same thing that the cry of the poor in the last days will rise up to the ears of the Lord, for the rich have heaped up treasure which will be a witness against them in the last days. As well as the people, the earth itself groans, under the abuse it receives from the world-system, waiting for the proper order and use of it. As the world-system matures and ripens bringing greater destruction to the ordinary people, we will see the earth groaning more under the strain of it. The signs go together, the increase in evil, immoral practices on an ever increasing scale, and correspondingly an increase in 'natural' disasters of earthquakes, floods, droughts...

The Bible has three words for world: the first the world system, referred to as the cosmos, this is the system ruled by the prince of this world, Satan; the second is the people of the world, whom God so loved, and the third is the physical earth. When the world is fully ripe, John says the angel will put in the sickle and reap. The world system, as it shows itself in the last days, is a mixture of elements of all the old systems, and is referred to a a beast, in its ferocity and mercilessness. A major feature of it is economic in character, John talking about its destruction coming in one day where all who bought and sold anything mourned at its sudden fall. And in her was found the blood of all the prophets, and of saints and of all that were slain upon the earth.

Hallelujah we look for a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness reigns. The millennium that is to come, I reckon it is to show the world a witness what the earth and the people of the world would be like had they followed God's ways. Not for 100 years, or 200, but 1000 years to show the fullness of the glory of God as a witness to all men of all times. Then comes the final judgment, just and true.

Just before the king returns and sets up his kingdom, as with Solomon, who's reign was a picture of the millennium kingdom, having peace on every side, there is a short usurption of that power. Solomon's half-brother rebelled and set himself up as king over the land, but was then overthrown. Likewise just before Christ's return, the prince of this world will set up his king, the anti-Christ for a very short time, and then Christ returns. All is growing ripe.

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