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21 Dec 2011

Why is Every Airline in the World Claiming to Be the First to Fly With BioFuel?

By Lance Winslow

 As an aviation buff and a studier of alternative energy initiatives and innovations, I've been completely blown away by the insanity of "green tech" PR blitz campaigns. Take the airline sector for instance, nearly every major airline is claiming they have flown an airliner on biofuel, and each one claims to have been the first to do it? As if no one has ever flown an aircraft on bio-fuel.

Well that is just non-sense, during World War one some of the very first aircraft were flown on peanut oil. Within the last year the following airlines have claimed to be the first to fly aircraft (specifically airliners) on bio-fuel:

  Virgin Airways
  Japan Airlines

Yes, there have been several others, but what concerns me is the hype and PR campaigns for alternative and green energy. The United States Air Force has an entire facility that makes bio-fuel to use for aircraft, and really none of any of this is really unique, humans have had this ability for almost 100-years. Enough hype already.

I have a question for all these companies - So, you flew an airliner on bio-fuel?  Good for you, but, this is nothing new. Perhaps you airlines might wait until you have perfected all this and are doing it on a regular basis on regular routes before PR'ing it.

It seems obvious that many companies all over the world are trying to fly on the "green technology" rainbow. Of course, I understand the allure to get your name in front of the flying public and consumers, but if it is done in a misrepresentative way; it's nothing to be proud of - Think on this.

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